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  • Stand Alone Systems
    Two lanes per scorecomputer system
  • Player Zoom Feature
    All grids have current-player magnification
  • Score Grids
    Ten frame grids with scrolling for up to ten players
  • Operating Languages
    English, Dutch, German and French
  • Video Inputs
    (TV) Video & DVD inputs with RC
  • Backgrounds & Grids
    Choose from different backgrounds

Bowltrade: soft touch keyboard
  • Soft Touch Keyboards
    Press the Menu/Start button, enter the number
    of players and go. As easy as that!
Bowltrade: soft touch keyboard
Bowltrade: score monitors
  • Supplementary menu options:
    - Choose another Language
    - Choose Bowling or Animated Games
    - Choose another grid/background
    - Enter player names or initials
    - Select automatic bumper control
    - Call waitress
    - Press 'HELP' for explanation
    - Correction: delete or add frames

    (click on the photo for a larger view)
Bowltrade: soft touch keyboard
  • Console Tables with 17" Monitors have the same features as the overhead monitors except for the external video inputs and sound.
Bowltrade: Console

  Bowltrade: ConsoleBowltrade: ConsoleBowltrade: Console

  Bowltrade: screen ScoreMaster Bowltrade: screen ScoreMaster  
  Bowltrade: screen ScoreMaster Bowltrade: screen ScoreMaster